Support the Sioux Falls Ministry Center

Your gift would increase building accessibility to our guests, decrease our utility costs and encourage ministries to focus on helping people rather than building expenses.

Each year we determine a capital improvement for the building. Past capital improvements have been replacing some roof top HVAC units, new lobby doors equipped with handicap-accessible butttons and new windows and blinds for the Community Room. These improvements allow for comfort and ease of entry of our guests into the building, as well as decreasing our utility bills.

If you are considering a gift to the SFMC, please read the testimonial below from an anonymous family as they share why they support the Sioux Falls Ministry Center:

"We decided to partner with the center because we want to be faithful stewards of what God has given us. God cares about those in need and we want Him to make our hearts like His. In a practical way our support of the center multiplies the financial support we offer to two ministries at the center because here they can use more of their donations for ministry and less for rent. Another reason we decided to support the center is because of the opportunity it provides to multiply the impact of each ministry housed at the center. The ministries work together to help individuals and families and that excites us. People coming in for help in one area of life can receive counseling, practical help, and encouragement to face their challenges knowing God has placed people here who care about them. We also want to support the center because it highlights the need for volunteers in our community and in our area churches. So not only do the ministries work together but the Christian community serves together and that certainly pleases God." 

Join the team that is changing lives in downtown Sioux Falls. Donate towards our Capital Improvement Campaign today. You can give a one-time or set up an ongoing gift by going to our Donations page by clicking the red Donate button below.

If you prefer, you can send your check to the following address:

Sioux Falls Ministry Center
225 E 11th St., Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD  57104

Thank you for your support of the Sioux Falls Ministry Center.