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Here are descriptions about each of the three communication pieces that we offer.

"In the Center" Newsletter
"In the Center" is the quarterly newsletter of the Sioux Falls Ministry Center. It contains all of the latest information about what is happening at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center and updates on the ministry tenants in the building.

"Director's Corner" Blog
Kevin Ludwig, operations manager at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center, writes a bi-weekly blog called "Director's Corner." In his blog, Ludwig discusses topics around poverty and how they impact the guests of our ministry tenants. In addition, "Director's Corner" also features guest writers from other ministries and organizations, giving readers a chance to see how other entities are serving our neighbors.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are crucial to the ministry that occurs at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center. When we have volunteer needs, we would like to be able to contact those people who are willing to serve as volunteers.

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For His Glory,

Kevin Ludwig, Operations Manager

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