— January 27, 2016

Director’s Corner: Meeting Multiple Needs

One of the unique features of the Sioux Falls Ministry Center is its “ministry mall” concept. It’s a concept that was one of the building blocks when the center’s visionaries were formulating this ministry. The visionaries wanted a centrally-located building where people in need could go to get multiple needs met.

— January 13, 2016

Director’s Corner: Preparing for the Best

Several times during the course of a week I will field telephone calls from individuals from our eight ministry tenants about facility issues they may be having in their area. While most of the calls are minor, occasionally there are some calls that are causes for concern.

— December 23, 2015

Director’s Corner: Hope at Christmas

One of the best parts of my job at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center is visiting with guests and hearing their stories of how the assistance they received from the various ministry tenants helped them out of a difficult time.