Assisting Those With Mental Illness

June 12, 2013

Mental-Health.jpgby Carrie Sustad
Director of Operations

If you’ve listened to the radio or TV recently, the number of NFL football players who commit suicide has been a widely discussed topic. A current study suggests that depression is more common in aging, retired NFL players than healthy control individuals. (Taken from the 6IN.002 Sports Neurology Data Blitz Presentations.)

Our community is becoming more aware of mental illness. Providing assistance for the mentally ill is one of the ways that the Sioux Falls Ministry Center cares for our struggling neighbors.

Guests with Mental Health Issues
In visiting with Helene, a Health Cabinet board member of Center of Hope, she said, “We are seeing more people who are dealing with significant mental health issues walk through our doors.” She also said many of these individuals are also struggling to make ends meet and/or living at poverty level.

30 Percent of Medicaid Patients Live with Mental Illness
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reported last month (May 2013) that nearly 30 percent of the uninsured population is on Medicaid and living with mental illness. The majority of those on Medicaid are living at the poverty level. Many studies have been done on the correlation between poverty and mental illness. It’s the chicken and the egg syndrome. Which comes first? There are strong arguments on both sides of this issue, but so far the results are inconclusive.

What is mental illness?
This can be a tricky slope to navigate. There has been evidence proving a genetic link to depression and other mental health disorders. Treatment from this perspective might entail medication and/or counseling. However, others may believe that mental illness is a spiritual issue. Treatment might consist of counseling alone.

More significant is the need to pursue help. It has been proven that if assistance isn’t sought after, not only does personal suffering occur, but major costs are accrued through emergency room visits, police visits, jail time and broken homes.

New Haven and Destiny Outreach Clinic Offer Help
Within the Sioux Falls Ministry Center we offer several avenues of assistance for those struggling with mental health issues.

New Haven Ministries offers biblical counseling, whether it is pregnancy counseling, addiction counseling or dealing with general life issues. New Haven Ministries reaches their clients through a biblical perspective. Oftentimes, addictions go hand and hand with mental illness. Restoration Services, a program of New Haven Ministries, offers support for those struggling with all forms of addiction.

Destiny Outreach Clinic is a Thursday evening clinic for the uninsured. Not only do they care for physical needs of their patients, but spiritual support through prayer.

God is Present
Although life may look dark and desolate for the mentally ill, healing is nearby. Whether it is through medication, counseling or both, God is present. He alone is the creator of all things. He made us. (Psalm 100:3) Our hope is that our guests will find healing through the support of New Haven Ministries and Destiny Outreach Clinic and a perfect peace through the touch of God’s hand.