A Great Harvest

July 24, 2013

fruits-of-the-spirit.jpgI love fruit; especially this time of year. With a large variety in season at our grocery store, the selection is plentiful. We rarely lack for choices when opening our refrigerator. The crisper bin is full of peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and grapes. Only the good fruit makes it to our table.

Garden Patch
As a gardener, I also love to experiment with new vegetables in my little garden patch. Early spring brings tender buds which quickly develop into vegetables by midsummer. In July, the real work begins. Bug and disease control, fertilization and pruning take place in order for my little patch to produce healthy vegetables. I’ve found that only through this process do I harvest healthy vegetables later in the summer.

Healthy Fruit in Christ
My garden patch reminds me of Matthew 7: 15-20. Jesus talks about healthy trees producing good fruit and unhealthy trees producing bad fruit. As Christians, we are the trees. If we are healthy in the Lord, others will see good fruit in our lives. This might require some pruning in areas of our lives so the good fruit can fully develop.

Fruit Produced In Our Guests
Good fruit is being produced through the ministry staff at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center. Nine unique ministries have staffs that assist guests every day by helping prune things from their lives.  Men and women are staying sober by pruning alcohol out of their lives. Through counseling, guests prune negative thought patterns from their minds. Moms are staying employed because they know their kids are in a safe, faith-based day care program. Many guests visit the Center of Hope daily because they feel loved and cared for by the staff. As followers of Christ, staff members continue to grow in their faith and produce good fruit. Our guests can be considered part of that fruit as staff shares their love of Christ with them. The guests themselves also experience fruit as they overcome physical, spiritual, emotional and financial difficulties.

Journey With Us
Would you like to be a part of helping produce good fruit in others’ lives through the power of Christ? There are many ways to partner with us. Check out our volunteer page for a variety of ways to serve within the nine ministries. By giving a financial donation to the SFMC, you help the nine ministries grow and put their funding toward programs to help their guests. Prayer provides coverage for staff to do the impossible through the power of Christ. Come join us in the journey of changing lives and presenting this good fruit to our Lord’s table.

Carrie Sustad
Director of Operations