New Roots Ministers to Immigrant, Refugee Population

May 9, 2013

New-Roots.pngAs Sioux Falls becomes more diverse, there is a greater need for organizations to help those individuals to adjust to the culture of Sioux Falls. New Roots is a ministry that ministers to the immigrant and refugee population of Sioux Falls by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support.

According to Carl Bruxvoort, ministry director of New Roots, Sioux Falls has received people from at least 95 countries.  Among those individuals, they speak approximately 127 languages and dialects.

John-Morrell.jpgOne local business that has become a source of employment for immigrant and refugees is John Morrell. Bruxvoort, who also serves as part-time chaplain at John Morrell, said that approximately 75 percent of the work force at John Morrell is non-U.S. born.

“I visit with people in their break rooms, make hospital visits to employees and family members, provide referrals to the Furniture Mission, and distribute Scripture and devotional materials in a variety of languages,” Bruxvoort said. Arabic/English Bibles have been very popular among Christians from South Sudan.”

Through New Roots, Bruxvoort serves as a liaison between the immigrant and refugee population and local organizations, such as the Sioux Falls Police Department, Senator John Thune's office, and Sioux Falls Christian Schools.

New Roots also works closely with All Nations City Church, another ministry at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center, by providing a quarterly worship service in surrounding churches to help foster a welcoming climate to those from other nations as well as strengthening relationships between established churches and new immigrant/refugee congregations.