Who Is Your Neighbor?

September 11, 2013

It happened again! The bathroom door was stuck and I was locked outside. With my husband out of town and needing to get ready for a meeting, I needed help. So I called our handy neighbor who I knew had the tools to fix my problem. He quickly came to our home and put the pocket door back on its track. I was rescued! We have been so blessed by neighbors like Bryan who have often helped in times of need whether it be fixing a door or shoveling our driveway. Our neighbor came alongside us with the tools to help us with our problem.

Who is your neighbor?
How do you define a neighbor? Who is your neighbor? Is it someone you know well enough to help them when they are struggling? I have heard speakers talk about how we don’t know our neighbors as well as in generations past. We leave early for work, come home, shut the garage door, have supper, go to bed and then start all over again the next day without having communication with our neighbors.

Enemy helped by Good Samaritan
Jesus answered this very question. An expert in law asked Jesus how he could inherit eternal life. This expert knew that the Law commanded him to love his neighbor. However, he wasn’t sure who his neighbors were. Jesus told him the parable of the Good Samaritan. It resulted in a Levite helping a hated foreigner. Jesus tells us that our neighbors are not necessarily our friends or people that we are comfortable around, but those who might oppose us or actually be our enemies.

SFMC Cares For Neighbors
At the Sioux Falls Ministry Center (SFMC) we consider all people who enter into our building our neighbors. Sometimes our guests are angry, mentally ill or haven’t bathed for a few days.  Instead of passing them by and hoping that someone else will take care of them, we look to Jesus and desire to reflect the attitude of the Good Samaritan.

Our Neighbors Receive Holistic Care
The nine ministries within the building are uniquely gifted with the tools to assist our neighbors. Holistic care is our goal. We desire to meet needs physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. Once those needs are being met, our ultimate goal is for our neighbor to meet our Lord and Savior and experience the peace that only He can give them.

Go Serve Your Neighbors
If you haven’t read the Good Samaritan parable, I encourage you to look up Luke 10: 25-37 in your Bible. My prayer is that it will give you a fresh perspective on neighborliness. Through contemplating this passage and watching my neighbor in action, my eyes have been opened to who Jesus tells me to help in my community. God has gifted us each with tools to help others. May you seek out your neighbors today and share your gift bag of tools that God has given you.

Carrie Sustad, Director of Operations